Fees Structure 

Year 2017-18

 PG & NUR.       3500 5100 5100 5100  5100  20400
 KG & PREP       5000 5500 5500 5500  5500  22000
 I & II       6000 6800 6800 6800  6800  27200
 III TO V       7000 7700 7700 7700  7700  30800
 VI TO VII       7500 8350 8350 8350  8350  33400
 IX TO X       8000 10200 10200 10200 10200  40800
 XI TO XII       9000 12000 12000 12000 12000  48000

1. Admission Fee & Annual miscellaneous fee need to be deposited at school counter in cash only.(New students are Required to Deposit first quarter fee in cash along with the admission fee & rest of the 3 quarters fee in form of post dated cheques.)

2. Parents are expected to pay the fee through the cheque only.The cheque has to be in favour of the GREENVALLEY PLAYWAY SCHOOL for Classes Play Group to Prep. & in favour of GREENVALLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL for Classes I to XII. All post dated cheques are to be deposited at school counters only & not in the Banks.

3. Tuition fee is to be deposited in 3 installments through post dated cheques :
1st          Cheque dated         5th April

2nd        Cheque dated         5th July

3rd         Cheque dated         5th Oct.

4. Cheques should be submitted along with duly filled pay in slips in all respects . Child’s name , Class , Section , Control number should invariably be written on the  back of the cheque.

5. Admission will not be confirmed  until school has received admission fee as well as the First installment of the Tuition fee.

6. School fee can be deposited in cash at school counter for the whole year up to April 10. A rebate of Rs 500.00 will be made. After April 10 No one rebate will be provided.

7. It is compulsory to deposit the tuition fee before April 10 , student will be not be allowed to attend class after April 10.

8. If a cheque is not honoured by the bank , parents have to deposit the fee amount in form of a demand draft along with a penalty of Rs 300.00 with in 7 days. of the due date. A student would not be allowed to attend the classes after a grace period of 3 weeks from the due date , till the fee is deposited.

9. Fees are payable for full twelve months in a year , No deductions will be made for the broken period of absence.

10. No fee reminders would be sent. Even if they are sent it is out of courtesy only & this can not be treated as an alibi for not depositing the fee in time.

11. Except for caution money fee once deposited will not be refunded( if charged).

12. A student seeking admission during mid-session will have to pay all general fees & tuition fees for the full year.

13. Fee once deposited is not refundable under any circumstances. It can not be transferred to any other students accounts.

14. In case of any issues a written request should be made to the principal forwarded through school cashier/ accountant for resolving the issue.

15. In case of withdrawal, school needs to be informed in time and in writing:

I     Quarter  –   No refund

II   Quarter  –   By 15th June  –  3 Cheques will be returned.

III  Quarter  –  By 15th Sept.  –  2 Cheques will be returned.

I V  Quarter  –  By 15th Dec.   –  1 Cheque will be returned.

Note : Apart from the schedule given above no other claim/fee will be settled or refunded.