Terms & conditions2013-14


  1. Provision of Transport is not binding on the school & shall be at the sole discretion of the school management and or transporter.
  2. School provides transport through contract carriage only . No Claim what so ever will be entertained by school in case of any injury  or accident.
  3. Since limited numbers of seats / buses / autos  are available students will be accepted on First Come First Serve basis . Seat confirmation will be given once the entire yearly amount has been deposited . Charges will not be refunded in any case .
  4. This facility is available on the yearly basis of only and no withdrawal will be permitted in between the intervening period.
  5. These charges are for the period starting from April 1 , 2012 till March 31 , 2013 for all days on which school functions.
  6. If any students wishes to avail this facility in middle of the session , he/ she needs to deposit the fee for the current quarter. New students will be accommodated only if seats are available.
  7. School / Transporter can Increase / Decrease bus fee transportation charges without any notice due to unavoidable circumstances or force majure conditions. for example increase in fuel prices etc.
  8. Bus service is available at the designated routes & stops only. No more routes will be added.
  9. A child has to be brought & collected from the designated stops by parents themselves.
  10. No claim an any form shall be entertained by the school in case of cancellation  or delay of the service. Parents will have to arrange conveyance in case of cancellation of the service .
  11. Bus numbers are fixed. Students can only travel in the designated bus . In case of change of residence prior approval is required to be obtained from the competent authority.
  12. Any students found misbehaving in school bus / hurting other students or parents misbehaving with bus staff will result in immediate withdrawal of this facility & No refund would be made of remaining  money .Legal action will also be taken.